Hot Fingerfood

Shoots - tasty soups servt in a shootglass

Asia Shoot - Apple,curry and shrimps
Huntsman shoot -Mushrooms and prosciutto crissini
Styrian Shoot - Pumpkin and pumkin seeds
Perigord Shoot - Potatos parfume with truffleoil
French Shoot - Pommerymoustard and lentils
Italian Shoot - finest tomatos servt with a parmesan cheescracker
Russian Shoot - Red rape wit smoked fishstrip

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Tasty fom Österreich

Spinach "strudel" with sheep chees
Cabbage - paprika "strudel"
Mushrooms "strudel"
Black pudding "strudel"
" Wienerschnitzel"
"Backhändel" vienna style
"Fleishpflanzerl" meat bolls
chickenwings wit spicy sauce

Italian delicious

Italian polpettine wit basil
baket mozzarellasticks
Small Pizza
Gnocchi with pesto
Mushroomravioli wit trufleoil

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Delicious from switzerland

Swiss "Rösti" with sourcream or mushrooms
Swisschees "Raclette"
Emmentaler cheescake


Fish and vegetable tampura
Springrolls "sweet and sour"
Chicken breast on a lemongrass spear
Teriaki spear
Shrimp spear with pineapple

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For biger recptions we coment - FRONTCOOKING

Asian dishes cookt on the teppanyakicooker
tasty meat and seefood from the grill
Italian pasta from the pastastation
Spanish Paella

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